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You see how big that “free” is up there? I’d make it bigger if I could. This is an awesome deal that I’m so happy to be telling you folks about. Dan from and I have been setting this up for a couple of weeks, and now we’re all set. along with BlackBerry Cool have partnered up to offer you free magazine subscriptions and technical document downloads.

These trade magazines revolve all around the tech and BlackBerry world and so much more - and did we mention they’re free? For more details and to check out what’s available, please visit We’re pleased as punch to be able to offer this up to you. Big thanks to Dan and the staff for this, and readers, we hope you enjoy.

  • Magazine_Lover
    I have noticed how huge the word "FREE" for that magazine subscription is. And it really catches my attention knowing that I am also a magazine junkie. Thanks for the post! I'd really love to gather the best magazines especially if they offer free magazine subscription.
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