GenieView streams video to the Pearl


pearlvideovid.jpgYou can tell that we’re slowly but surely getting to where we all want to be when it comes to multimedia on our devices. Like this launch from GenieView that let’s you stream video to your Pearl with as little as one second delay (depending on traffic and whatnot).

So far, GenieView, a Canadian start-up, has been working with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Explosive and Technology Section, providing them quality streaming video. And if you don’t believe me, you can always trust a Mountie.

“This is a remarkable demonstration,” said Gord Scott of RCMP EDT. “GenieView’s real-time video streaming is now available to users not only over the computer network, but also over the cellular network. Now, remote users can take part in the decision making process by viewing events in near-real-time as they unfold, from wherever they have cellular coverage.”

“We are extremely happy with this progress in video streaming over a band-limited medium such as a cellular network,” said Ron Chow, CEO of GenieView. “Going forward, our development effort will be focused on improving the frame rate and decreasing video latency where possible. Based on the market indicators, there is a great demand for this kind of capability from both the government and non-government sectors. GenieView is well positioned to capture a sizeable share of this market, including multi-media wireless applications.”

If you’re looking for more details, try GenieView’s official site for now. I’ll get my hands on a Pearl soon enough and I’m hoping to give this a solid once-over. Who doesn’t want streaming video?