“Hundreds of millions” slated to use mobile email


sheepbahbah.jpgYou know how most people turn their noses up at our BlackBerry addiction? Well, thanks to a recent study from Funambol, the mobile open source company, looks like those people are just jealous (we already knew that, though, right?).

Their study shows that the majority of consumers actually want a mobile email solution, and they’re even willing to pay for it (wow!) – but on average, they only want to shell out $5 a month. The study also shows that in a few years, “hundreds of millions” of people will be using mobile email technology. Those are some exciting numbers.

Almost half of the survey respondents who do not use mobile email said they expect to start using it within a year. — People use a wide range of mobile devices all over the world and a mobile email solution aimed at the mass market needs to support a broad set of devices.

Of the mobile brands used by survey respondents, the second most popular choice was “Other,” meaning other than Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola or BlackBerry (RIM).

“This survey provides major insight into the motivation of early and future adopters of mobile email,” said Hal Steger, Funambol VP Marketing. “It shows that a ‘one size fits all’ approach won’t satisfy the needs of masses. Operators will need to cater to multiple needs and consider flexible, low-cost strategies to unlock the potential of this market.”