ATM fees coming soon to BlackBerry

First, can I ask if my app idea has been made yet? Locating ATM machines on your BlackBerry using GPS technology? I’ll expect my royalty cheque when someone cashes in on my brilliance (actually, I think TeleNav’s got that functionality).

BUT! You might not even need it. According to JSOnline, BlackBerry users will soon be able to access ATM machines directly from their devices, all thanks to a couple of hard-working tech firms. That sounds a little adventurous to me, and it’s got me concerned about security, too.

By this fall, the as-yet unnamed new company will roll out software allowing cell phones to connect to automated teller machine networks. That will let users check account balances and move money between accounts as well as pay bills, Metavante and Monitise announced Tuesday.

After the bill-paying and bank account functions are established, the system may be expanded next year to include the ability to have cell phones act as credit or debit cards and make purchases from retailers with the proper equipment, said Frank D’Angelo, senior executive vice president of Metavante.

“This is another consumer alternative,” he said, adding that the technology will work from a BlackBerry and other such wireless communication devices as well as cell phones.

“Everything is encrypted,” he said. “It will have a high level of security. . . . We talked about it for years - anywhere, anytime, anyhow. This truly gives you that kind of capability.”

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