BlackBerry ad leaves a sour taste



We’re all about Research In Motion and their advertising efforts here at BBCool, the majority of you are aware of that already. We know that it’s tough to spot a BlackBerry ad in the more “mainstream” media, you’ve got to scrounge the trade publications (some we’re offering free, by the way) to find one. It sucks, though, that after all that digging, we get this pile of trash in RCR Wireless.

The ad is essentially pushing wireless retailers to sell more than one BlackBerry accessory at a time. Why? So that the customer can match their holster with whatever outfit they’re sporting. RIM, your market cares more about their personal aesthetics, I can tell you that much. So, if you’ve got an associate pushing accessories more than usual, it’s because RIM’s told retailers (via this ad) that it’s a “pity” to only stock the device. Give me a break. Check out the full ad after the jump.