RIM opens its doors to developers


Not literally, unfortunately. Well, kind of, I suppose - they’re opening up their devices. The BB community is hot with this news breaking: RIM has opened up multimedia API’s on both the Pearl and 8800 so that developers can create and mold and do whatever it takes to make some mind-blowing applications for us to utilize.

This is so great to hear from RIM, though, let me tell you. It proves that they listen a little to their community of followers, allowing us a level of customization that I can’t find on other devices.

“Push-email paved the way for the early success of this market, but mobile applications will drive the next phase,” said Mike Lazaridis, President and Co-CEO at Research In Motion. “We are now opening the BlackBerry platform further with the release of additional APIs that can help fuel the next wave of mobile applications in areas such as Social Networking, Multi-Media, eCommerce, News and Information Services, and Location-Based Services.”

Among the new APIs available for BlackBerry smartphones are:

- Mobile Multi-Media API for Java (JSR 135) allowing developers to embed custom audio and video content into applications; invoke the BlackBerry Media Player to play video or audio content; record audio or voice and save recorded files to the handset or send it over the Internet
- Camera APIs that allow developers to invoke the camera application and access pictures taken with it as well as allow an application to be notified when a new picture is taken
- Support for MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC and AMR audio formats with support for routing audio playback to the external speaker, connected headset, or Bluetooth headset
- Wallpaper and Ringtone Customization Java APIs to allow custom applications to add new wallpapers and ringtones to the smartphone

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