Flowfinity Wireless now supports the 8800


I’d feel more secure if a company with the name of “Flowfinity” backed me, let me tell you. It sounds kind of… superhero-ish? Pardon my digressions, I’ve been ill the past couple days and am still slightly loopy. Let’s focus on Flowfinity, though, a company that is “a leading provider of adaptable applications and fully integrated solutions for the wireless enterprise” - as they’ve just announced that they support the BlackBerry 8800.

Flowfinity’s products have been enhanced to support the BlackBerry 8800 as follows:

- a new rapid, easy-to-use installation
- enhanced security integration to simplify deployment
- full utilization of the trackball navigation system
- optimized application performance

For more information on Flowfinity and exactly what’s going on with them, hit their official site.

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