Lock on Stocks vol. 6

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Welcome to another edition of the Lock on Stocks. This week we’ll go over how RIM, Palm, Nokia, Microsoft and Apple did. It was a very slow week all over the market. Lots of fluctuation however made it a bad week thus far as well.

Let us start things off this week with RIM. The BlackBerry makers are now offering games, as well as other consumer based products. Wall Street loves games, so much in fact that the price per share jumped almost $1 to $139.

This week RIM stated that the iPhone may actually be helping increase BlackBerry sales.

From Bloomberg.com:

“Hats off to Steve” Jobs, Apple’s leader, Research In Motion co-Chief Executive Officer Michael Lazaridis said in an interview yesterday at the CTIA Wireless conference in Orlando, Florida. “He made smartphones cool again. Now everyone wants one. He helped the entire industry.”

Lazaridis, 46, contends that the two products aren’t in competition because they target different users. Apple plans to sell 10 million iPhones next year, equal to about 1 percent of the global market. Research In Motion, based in Waterloo, Ontario, shipped 1.8 million BlackBerry e-mail phones in the quarter ended Dec. 2.

“We complement each other really well,” Lazaridis said. “We both focus on two entirely different markets. One is pure consumer and pure consumable. One is pure function and pure productivity.” Research In Motion has sought to woo more consumer users with the Pearl, a device that includes a camera and a music player.

This could turn out to be one interesting war. I’ll keep you posted with Apple’s response next week if there is one. At the time of this writing all Apple spokespersons have declined to comment.

Very, very slow week for Palm this week. The only big news is that there are still potential buyers eyeing Palm. It seems however that these buyers could be holding out perhaps to get a lower price on the purchase. Palm rounds out the week at about $18 per share.

We’ll keep you posted on the potential buyout in next weeks’ edition.

Nokia had a big, slow week. No big news this week other than the unveiling of three new models. These new models are the 5700 XpressMusic 3G, the 5070 which is aimed towards socially networked youths and the CMDA version of the 7088.
All three phones have a Q2 release date. With the news of the releases Nokia’s stock jumped .75 a share to $23. This is a new 52 week high for them.

I said we would take a look at Microsoft this week. I am keeping my word however this little blurb about them surely will not get you too excited. Microsoft’s only ‘mobile’ news this week is the release of Windows Live for the BlackBerry. As far as I can tell the release did not affect the stock at all. It did however affect the BG:

From Boy Genius Report:

I’ve been trying out the beta version of Windows Live Search for BlackBerry for almost a week now, so it’s great to see that Microsoft has gone ahead and “launched” it as many BlackBerry users have requested it. While using the software I found the menus slow, and sometimes unresponsive but let’s not forget this is a public “beta”.

You get the usual Microsoft Live Mobile Search features like searching by Categories, Maps & Addresses, Traffic, Directions and the like. As of right now, I’d stick to InfoSpace Find It!, or Google Maps (love the traffic mapping!), but as time goes on it is definitely something to watch out for. You can now download the software at wls.live.com from your BlackBerry devices.

On to Apple. The iPhone makers had a bit more hectic of a week than Microsoft as far as their mobile market goes. Not that much more hectic though.

First of AT&T has received more than 1 million inquiries about the iPhone. This news increased Apple’s stock almost $1 a share to $97.

Stock dropped a bit due to the fluctuating of the whole market all week long. On Wednesday Apple’s stock increased another $1 per share rebounding the price to $94 on news that Apple is actually helping increase BlackBerry sales as well as sales throughout the whole smartphone industry. Thank you Apple!

Well guys, that’s all for this week. I’m sure you feel cheated that I didn’t go more in depth with Microsoft, I can tell you all care so much, so – next week if there is more mobile news from Microsoft I promise we’ll go over it, I know that’s all you really want anyway.

Take care,

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