Managing your office’s mobility

Every so often, we need to bow down and be told proper ways to things. We’ve got to swallow our pride and take instructions from someone else. This is one of those times for some of you, I’m sure. A great article from Information Week has a Q&A with David Wise, co-founder and managing partner for mindWireless, a mobility consultancy that helps businesses figure out how to better use wireless technologies. He answers some questions on how to better the mobile workforce in your office.

What is the best way for a company to review its current cell phone usage and policies?

Start with the internal wireless policy — if it exists. Many companies don’t have one. If you don’t have a wireless policy, this has to be the starting point.

Another issue here relates to security. If employees own their own data device, such as a BlackBerry, then they can take company information with them when they leave a company. The employer has no control over that information because the employee owns the device. If employees use corporate-liable devices, then the company can track the device, and if an employee leaves, retain that device with its information.

You know, even if your company isn’t having issues with their mobile solutions, give the article a solid once-over. You never know - it could come in handy.

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