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Danish Pearl available thanks to TDC and RIM

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Mmm. Danish Pearl. RIM put their Risk piece on Nigeria yesterday, and today, they’re headed to Denmark to partner with Danish carrier TDC and release the BlackBerry Pearl. The only thing that I really know about Denmark is that the exact origin of Denmark has been lost in history - how weird. But there’ll be no forgetting this day in history when the Pearl get it’s launch, right?

…That was cheesy, I’m sorry.

“Danish companies are really seeing the advantages of the BlackBerry platform, which is the leading wireless solution for mobile professionals who want to stay in touch and be productive while on the go. We are very happy to introduce the BlackBerry Pearl, which makes users’ working lives even easier to manage,” said Peter Ibsen, Vice-President for TDC Mobil.

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BlackBerry 8820 information surfaces

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BlackBerry Forums is quickly becoming a hotbed for small little leaked details like this. We’re talking BlackBerry 8820, and we’ve got some news for you about it courtesy of new user BigSmooth66 (that’s really smooth).

A T-Mobile employee, Mr. Smooth got the chance to meet and greet T-Mo’s CEO Robert Dotson and noticed he was testing the BlackBerry 8820. Some details were nabbed.

- It has a camera and wi-fi

- It will be out this summer.

- It will be released along with T-Mobile@Home service.

- They are still deciding on the color (they are leaning towards black)

- It is closer to the size of the 8700 then it is to the 8800

Something doesn’t seem right. Am I the only one who thinks so?

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BlackBerry Mascot gets a little brother

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It was a big deal when I surpassed the height of my brother. It’s just one of those weird things, you know, where the older kid is usually the bigger one? Well, now the BlackBerry Mascot knows how I feel as it’s younger brother, the 8800, made it’s first appearance at CTIA. Thanks to Flickr user SDK for the shot.

He’s not as cool as the mascot’s adoptive brother, though.

Flowfinity Wireless now supports the 8800

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I’d feel more secure if a company with the name of “Flowfinity” backed me, let me tell you. It sounds kind of… superhero-ish? Pardon my digressions, I’ve been ill the past couple days and am still slightly loopy. Let’s focus on Flowfinity, though, a company that is “a leading provider of adaptable applications and fully integrated solutions for the wireless enterprise” - as they’ve just announced that they support the BlackBerry 8800.

Flowfinity’s products have been enhanced to support the BlackBerry 8800 as follows:

- a new rapid, easy-to-use installation
- enhanced security integration to simplify deployment
- full utilization of the trackball navigation system
- optimized application performance

For more information on Flowfinity and exactly what’s going on with them, hit their official site.

Windows Live Search launches for BlackBerry

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Well, let’s hope that this new app isn’t like it’s bigger brother of a mobile operating system that, so I hear, crashes more times than Lohan. But yes, some interesting news du jour is the fact that Windows has launched their Live Search for BlackBerry today. I’m anxious to give it a once over, and if you want to be one of the first, too, you can grab the download over-the-air.

Boy Genius has already weighed in, at least on the beta version he’s been messing about with. Head to for more info.

While using the software I found the menus slow, and sometimes unresponsive but lets not forget this is a public “beta”. You get the usual Microsoft Live Mobile Search features like searching by Categories, Maps & Addresses, Traffic, Directions and the like.

As of right now, I’d stick to InfoSpace Find It!, or Google Maps (love the traffic mapping!), but as time goes on it is definitely something to watch out for.

Lazaridis at CTIA: BlackBerry is a “Platform”

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I’m really starting to like it when “The Laz” steps up to the podium. Usually, he kind of hides behind the more ballsy Balsillie, but lately, he’s been peeking his grey noggin out more and more. This time, Mike was the replacement for Motorola’s VP for a keynote speech at CTIA.

Looks like the new buzz word at RIM is “platform”, and Lazaridis used the CTIA opportunity to promote the BlackBerry as one.

Lazaridis concluded by saying that since RIM designed mobile push e-mail the right way, it’s now a foundation and platform available across all kinds of e-mail systems. “Both the developer community and IT departments can build new applications [on top of push e-mail] by taking advantage of what’s already there, and what’s gone on before us,” he said.

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