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Emoze beats BlackBerry again, nobody cares


And we use the term “beats” extremely lightly here, folks. We hadn’t talked about emoze in a while, and I was happy about that. They originally faced off against BlackBerry in an email showdown at 3GSM in Barcelona, and walked away “victorious” for receiving an email before it’s rival. But it should be noted, that Emoze is nowhere near as sophisticated as BlackBerry, we’ll just let them feel this sense of importance.

Anyway, they had another battle yesterday, this time at CTIA, and this morning, Emoze is rubbing it in with a press release that they “won” again. A “repeat victory”, they say. We don’t believe it, we never will. But nice try, Emoze.

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RIM thanks iPhone for potential sales boost


Well here’s something new. Instead of putting up their defenses and saying that the iPhone holds no threat to the BlackBerry, Research In Motion is thanking Mr. Steve Jobs and the forthcoming iPhone for potentially boosting sales of our coveted device.

“Hats off to Steve” Jobs, Apple’s leader, Research In Motion co-Chief Executive Officer Michael Lazaridis said in an interview yesterday at the CTIA Wireless conference in Orlando, Florida. “He made smartphones cool again. Now everyone wants one. He helped the entire industry.”

Mike’s on a first name basis with Mr. Jobs? Who knew?

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Change needed in patenting process


In my somewhat short time with BlackBerry Cool, I’ve covered more than my fair share of patent disputes. There’s been a bunch involving RIM, some with NTP, some with Palm, some with both of the previous mentioned up against one another, and we even touched on the whole iPhone debacle between Cisco and Apple.

Well, with that in mind, it was nice to see BusinessWeek put together this great piece on how there needs to be some changes in the way the patenting process works and that the Supreme Court, Congress, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) and even the private sector want to see the same. A great read. Check it out.

BlackBerry ad leaves a sour taste



We’re all about Research In Motion and their advertising efforts here at BBCool, the majority of you are aware of that already. We know that it’s tough to spot a BlackBerry ad in the more “mainstream” media, you’ve got to scrounge the trade publications (some we’re offering free, by the way) to find one. It sucks, though, that after all that digging, we get this pile of trash in RCR Wireless.

The ad is essentially pushing wireless retailers to sell more than one BlackBerry accessory at a time. Why? So that the customer can match their holster with whatever outfit they’re sporting. RIM, your market cares more about their personal aesthetics, I can tell you that much. So, if you’ve got an associate pushing accessories more than usual, it’s because RIM’s told retailers (via this ad) that it’s a “pity” to only stock the device. Give me a break. Check out the full ad after the jump.

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ATM fees coming soon to BlackBerry


bustedatm.jpgFirst, can I ask if my app idea has been made yet? Locating ATM machines on your BlackBerry using GPS technology? I’ll expect my royalty cheque when someone cashes in on my brilliance (actually, I think TeleNav’s got that functionality).

BUT! You might not even need it. According to JSOnline, BlackBerry users will soon be able to access ATM machines directly from their devices, all thanks to a couple of hard-working tech firms. That sounds a little adventurous to me, and it’s got me concerned about security, too.

By this fall, the as-yet unnamed new company will roll out software allowing cell phones to connect to automated teller machine networks. That will let users check account balances and move money between accounts as well as pay bills, Metavante and Monitise announced Tuesday.

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BlackBerry Pearl and 8700g headed to Nigeria


And yet another gamepiece on the Risk board that is RIM’s worldwide coverage. This time, we’re plopping our gamepiece on Nigeria. MTN Nigeria and Research In Motion have unleashed both the Pearl and BlackBerry 8700g to the Nigerian public for the first time. MTN’s offering up both the devices as well as the BES server to subscribers, providing the same solutions that we’ve all come to know and love.

“The BlackBerry solution is the leading wireless enterprise solution that keeps mobile professionals connected to people and information while on the move. It has a proven platform that provides users with secure connectivity and gives users access to email, phone, SMS, web browsing, organiser and other corporate data applications,” said Mr. Bola Akingbade, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at MTN Nigeria.

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