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RIM feeling threatened by Windows Mobile?


winmotreo.jpgWhenever there’s heavy competition around, there’s always a sense of uneasiness. You felt it in grade school with the smart girl that sat beside you, you feel it at the bars as gelled-up frat boys douse themselves with Jagermeister, and you might even feel it at your local cell phone retailer, comparing mobile operating systems (ok, maybe not).

But ZDNet (via SeekingAlpha) is asking about RIM and Windows Mobile, pondering whether or not Windows Mobile is a threat to the maker of the BlackBerry. Actually, the author says that that’s the exact reason RIM just opened up a whole slew of API’s for their devices – because they’re scared of WinMo.

Admittedly, my hunch may be reading too much into a few new APIs from RIM, but it does make you wonder. Meanwhile, the API announcement comes on the same day as a research note from a firm called ICAP.

In the note, analyst Richard Williams reiterated a sell rating on RIM shares and said “channel checks suggested a shortfall in BlackBerry sales in the quarter. The impact of Microsoft (MSFT) competition could be significantly more serious than expected.”

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RIM opens its doors to developers


Not literally, unfortunately. Well, kind of, I suppose – they’re opening up their devices. The BB community is hot with this news breaking: RIM has opened up multimedia API’s on both the Pearl and 8800 so that developers can create and mold and do whatever it takes to make some mind-blowing applications for us to utilize.

This is so great to hear from RIM, though, let me tell you. It proves that they listen a little to their community of followers, allowing us a level of customization that I can’t find on other devices.

“Push-email paved the way for the early success of this market, but mobile applications will drive the next phase,” said Mike Lazaridis, President and Co-CEO at Research In Motion. “We are now opening the BlackBerry platform further with the release of additional APIs that can help fuel the next wave of mobile applications in areas such as Social Networking, Multi-Media, eCommerce, News and Information Services, and Location-Based Services.”

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ThoughtPiece: Wireless Net Neutrality


“Net neutrality” is a term that’s gotten a lot of press recently as it involves a fundamental debate regarding the access and use of the Internet. The citizen advocacy coalition Save the Internet defines the concept as the principle that in using the Internet “all users can access the content or run the applications and devices of their choice.”

Tim Wu is a law professor at Columbia University and is the one who first popularized the term “net neutrality.” Not surprisingly, he has also written an important paper on the wireless industry in the US in which he applies some of the same analysis.

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Jibi-Jabber: In Retrospect…


It has now been one year, three weeks, and some change since Research In Motion settled their lawsuit, alleging patent violations by the Waterloo-based company, with NTP. Over the course of the last year, RIM has released no less than six major device technology series.

Within these are numerous variants on an ever-increasing number of carriers. Rumors and some fairly reliable leaks have uncovered RIM’s upcoming stray-from-the-norm release schedule, with new sub-series devices having varying features depending on the model number.

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Getting a ticket is a good thing with your BlackBerry


ticketguy.jpgThat is, unless, your state has an texting law in place, but otherwise, this is a pretty interesting newsbit. The BlackBerry ISV Alliance program has just adopted a new member. RepeatSeat, based out of Calgary but taking on the world, is now offering their incredible ticketing solution for the BlackBerry.

Now, you can find, request, and order tickets for events all on your BlackBerry, and actually have a bar code sent to your device that acts as your admission to the event. It’s simply scanned when you get there. Might just be me, but this sounds pretty great.

RepeatSeat President George Davidson stated “the entire RepeatSeat team is pleased to join the BlackBerry Alliance Program. As we introduce our mobile ticketing, coupon and data management solutions to mobile devices, RepeatSeat management knew it was essential that we work with Research In Motion because of its leadership in wireless communications. We look forward to offering this valuable mCommerce solution to BlackBerry users in the very near future.”

Rogers 8800 now ready and waiting



Finally. We’ve been waiting on this for just about a month now when the 8800 was supposed to roll-out at in early March. Well, some quiet browsing has lead us to the water. You can now pick up the Rogers 8800 via And in case you forgot the pricing:

$599.99 with 2-year term
$649.99 with 1-year term
*$499.99 with 3-year term after rebates on select Voice & E-mail packages