Save face with safe phrase-books


translator.jpgSay that five times fast. I can’t even do it once. But here’s a little something that has got to appeal to our more nomadic-type of readers. Always jutting about on planes, traveling to all corners of the world? We both know that that doesn’t afford you a lot of time to learn the language of the land you’re headed to, so thankfully and developers CoolGorilla are about to offer up a solid translation service.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill translator – I wouldn’t want to cover it if it were. This translator will actually speak out the phrase you’re looking for in perfect dictation while texting the phrase on your device’s screen. That’s pretty great. Now if you’ve got to ask your foreign counterpart a question, just hold your phone where your face is – maybe you’ll fool them.

The applications are available for English-speakers to communicate in six foreign languages: French, Spanish, German, Greek, Italian and Portuguese. Each version has between 250 – 300 sound files covering all elements of their foreign experience including Eating, Travel and Emergencies. Later this year more talking phrase books will be launched including multiple versions communicating from one non-English language to another, eg French to Italian.

Mark McCulloch, Head of Brand Development at added: “This is truly a break through in being smart on holiday. Instead of you having to flick through the pages of a phrase book to find what you want to say, you simply click your phone menu, select the phrase you need and voila!”

“It also helps with your pronunciation and ensures you are understood, which will hopefully put an end to being embarrassed to try out your language skills when on holiday and help you have a more enriching holiday experience.” concluded McCulloch.