Idokorro launches upgraded BlackBerry viewer


Hands down, one of my favourite BlackBerry-related applications is BlackBerry Viewer from Ottawa’s Idokorro – an app for your PC that displays your BlackBerry’s screen on the desktop. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I use it all the time, mainly for screenshots for BBCool reviews, but it can be used for demonstrations and whatnot, as well.

Idokorro’s been extra nice for the last little while and offering BlackBerry Viewer for free. Users who’ve got their hands on it already can still use the app for free until January of 2008, or pay $25 for an upgraded version.

However, if I’ve convinced you of it’s greatness or you’re being a skeptic, you can now grab it for a 30-day free trial from Idokorro’s site. Once you’re absolutely convinced of it’s value, you can pick it up from Handango.