The Google-ised BlackBerry reviewed


Thanks to our good pal Alec over at iotum for directing us to this. Google is soon to be a massive media king, so why not relent and let them take over your BlackBerry before they force themselves on you (or hire really big dogs to attack, that wouldn’t be good, either).

Jim Courtney over at the Skype Journal has put together a review of all of the Google apps available for your device. We’re talking everything: Google Search, Google Maps, GMail, Google News and GTalk. Check it out here.

I use GTalk pretty well everyday on my device, and I love it. I mean, it’s pretty well the same as BB Messenger, though - just gives me a chance to talk with other pals who may not own a BB, which is a pretty swell bonus. I’m a Google fan, though (apart from their video venture), and I’m really hoping that they’ll be one of the big influences on how our society will evolve.