Generation Y pushing mobile TV


pearlvideovid.jpgIt’s about time that Generation Y (those born 1975-95) are getting some facetime. Not to slight those X’ers out there, it’s just that come on, you’ve had your time in the limelight. The children are the future.

And according to this article from, the children are also the one’s who’re driving the future of mobile TV, especially with the help of services like from Toronto-based Movidity Inc. Oh, and we should mention that it’s on its way to the BlackBerry world real soon.

At first glance, it looks a lot like YouTube, with short videos that have been uploaded by members (membership is free.) However, as the company points out, it has proprietary technology that turns your content into “media objects” that can play on any Java-enabled cellphone, and, very soon it says, on BlackBerries.

Movidity spokesperson noted that there are excellent business applications to their technology, such as the ability to broadcast a corporate meeting or press conference to a worldwide audience in real time.

Since a company is probably already paying for everybody’s BlackBerries, it may as well force them to watch the boss make a fool of himself on camera. The cost would be zero for an open meeting that anybody could tune in to, though unrelated advertising might pop up. Movidity is working on a premium version that would allow a company to define a closed group of attendees, ditch the ads and use more advanced features.