RIM proven market leader over Palm


Finally. I’d just like to say that I’m not a complete Treo-detractor, it’s just that I’ve known some stubborn Palm adopters who’re close-minded (or were, at least) to the ways of the BlackBerry. News out of SeekingAlpha has some results of a couple of tests that were put together regarding the current smartphone market. One of which shows RIM’s smartphone market share at 37% in January of 2007, while Palm’s share continued to decrease down to 30%.

Looking at the next 90 days, RIM again wins in the battle for market share, with 27% of future buyers saying the Blackberry is the smart phone they plan to buy – up 3-points since October.

In contrast, Palm looks like it’s been hit with a technical, as Treo planned sales plummet 9-points to just under 14%.

In terms of the corporate world, the BlackBerry has got a great stronghold there, too. Another chart lists that 59% of companies that offer smartphones are offering the BlackBerry up, and that 61% are getting set to line-up to get some for the office. This is all one big high five for Research In Motion who’ve seen nothing really but flack over the last little while.

The bottom line in the corporate smart phone court is that RIM is in control, just as it has suddenly taken control on the consumer side of the court.

While the game’s not over yet as we enter the second quarter of 2007, there’s no doubt as to who’s hitting their shots and who’s throwing up bricks.