Weekly Contest: the addict’s constant struggle


What a… disheartening title. So very depressing. Anyway, we’ve all had our battles against detractors over the days, months, years that we’ve been around, and over time, we learn to deal. When you pick up a BlackBerry, though, the battle stiffens. More and more people seem to have an opinion about you and your device as soon as they see you in full-on “prayer” posture, checking and sending email. My question to you this week is this: how do you deal with the BlackBerry detractors in your life? Best response/story will walk away with a tax-free $20 itunes gift certificate. Good luck.

Now there’s a solid prize. Last week we asked you guys what your favourite app is to use in a social setting on your BlackBerry. Patrick W. walks away with a free version of DataVault from Ascendo for mentioning his use of both Pinppl.com and Pocket Express for checking his sports scores while he’s out and about.

Have a great weekend, folks. Happy Easter.

7 Responses to “Weekly Contest: the addict’s constant struggle”

  1. 1 Patrick W.

    Steve my pin is 32B07CAE thank you

  2. 2 Krad

    How do i fend off family and friends when i am on the blackberry? I say “It’s my f**king job… get over it… I am almost done with this message!”

  3. 3 Jess

    “The only way you can understand my BB addiction is to get one yourself.”

  4. 4 Block Head

    I just lick my lips and tell ‘em “that’s HOT”.

  5. 5 Patrick W.

    I always just tell them “it could be worse I could still be using a treo” which took more time and made me more agitated due to constant resets and missing mail.

  6. 6 Robert S.

    This is exactly why I carry a Treo as well as a Blackberry. When I start to get those derisive looks from those poor schlubs that just don’t get it, I whip out my trusty, well-built, rock solid Treo and whack them over the head with it. At a whopping 179 grams the Treo is more than up to the task! If they come back for more I poke them in the eye with the stubby antenna. Might not be good for reception but it makes one heck of a weapon! As they limp away, sporting a new chicllet-key tatoo of a Treo keyboard on the side of their head, I go back to checking my email and texts in peace, secure in the knowledge that I’m well protected. Anybody else want some?

  7. 7 Daniel

    wasn’t this a contest about veronica belmont earlier?

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