Croatia gets its hands on the BlackBerry 8800


We rarely say “hello” to our Croatian fanbase, so… hello. Our new pal Marko from our Croatian contingent has supplied us with some news regarding the BlackBerry 8800 in his neck of the woods. As of April 5th, the device is available from VIPnet network, part of Austrian carrier Mobilkom and a Vodafone partner. Marko’s been kind enough to provide us with some pricing.

3491kuna for 8800 without a contract, or 1991kuna if you decide to either buy new line, or you decide to extend your existing contract. Monthly charges are 91 kuna for myblackberry (BIS kind of connection), 161 kuna for BES hosted on vipnet server and 191 kuna for BES hosted in your own company.

This charge includes unlimited number of emails and internet use, price does not include roaming which is additional 111 kuna

Exchange rate (today) is 5,52kuna for 1 US dollar, this means for example that monthly carge for BIS service is approx. 16usd and hosted BES approx. 29usd, or 632USD for new 8800 or 360usd for extended contract.

Thanks, Marko. Everyone send him your hello’s over at his blog.