No hand-out for Palm just yet


Anyone else remember a couple weeks back when Palm was all but sold? Well, Palm chief Ed Cooligan must be a sailor, as it looks like the captain wants to go down with his ship. The CEO said in a recent interview with Bloomberg News that he’s ignoring any calls regarding Palm’s buy-out, focusing instead on improving the sales of it’s Treo devices.

“I can’t sit here and worry about that,” he said in an interview with Bloomberg at Palm’s Sunnyvale, California, headquarters.

“I can only worry about how the business is performing and what can we do as a team to do better, to get our products out faster, to drive for higher reliability, to grab more market share.”

At what point do you just cut your losses and take off, Mr. Cooligan? Listen, your devices don’t look that bad – there’s some potential there. But listen to your audience, fix the OS, and implement a few other necessary changes, and you could be on your way. Instead of trying to drum up buzz around your company by spreading purchasing rumours, let’s try focusing on these things for a change.