Flowfinity Actions 5 launches


I love it when companies constantly try to improve. There’s no resting of laurels going on for Flowfinity who’ve just launched Flowfinity Actions 5, the “latest and most innovative version of a multi-purpose wireless application designed for coordinating both people and information”. The new service from Flowfinity makes some solid usage of the BlackBerry, and provides solutions for managing everything from projects, to sales, to compliance issues. Seems like a pretty solid offering.

“Flowfinity Actions 5 combines the best of both worlds for businesses needing wireless solutions,” said Dmitry Mikhailov, CEO of Flowfinity Wireless. “As an out-of-the-box application, businesses can deploy quickly and get results immediately. As an extensible and adaptable application, businesses can integrate with enterprise systems to maximize business value and long-term impact.”

To learn more about Flowfinity Action 5, check out its official site here.

As a packaged application, businesses are up and running quickly with Flowfinity Actions 5; and, with point-and-click customization, the application is quickly custom tailored to your business needs. Furthermore, it is easy to seamlessly connect to existing databases and systems.

Another aspect of ease and flexibility is the capability to support multiple applications and multiple groups of users. Often a mobile team will require multiple applications such as a project task tracking system, a data collection system, and an expense tracking system. With Flowfinity Actions, you can deploy as many applications as you like at no additional cost.

As well, the same application can be deployed to multiple teams and have distinct data stores — each team or department can have their people and data managed independently.