Big day for RIM?


RIM logoAs we await RIM to release word of their Q4 performance later today, hype around the company continues to build. The most recent culprit is, who took the time to poll analysts about RIM’s projected earnings. General consensus? Big day for RIM.

Analysts polled by Thomson Financial expect RIM to post revenue of $933.2 million, up 66% from the year before, and earnings of 99 cents a share.

The question now becomes, can RIM sustain the growth?

“Fundamentally, it has been a great story, and people are expecting a blowout quarter,” says Matt Kelmon, portfolio manager for Kelmoore Investment, which has a position in RIM. “But it trades at a very high multiple — about 35 times 2008 estimates — so it is getting a little rich.”

However, TheStreet’s Priya Ganapati notes that RIM has been overwhelming expectations for quite awhile now, with their stock up 90% in the past year. Regardless of how things shake out in the coming weeks, the only sure thing is that whatever happens, the market will be watching with keen eyes.