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Sorry we’re a bit late on this, but the first 15 minutes are not that important either. The following post will try to provide those who do not have access to the live webcast a play-by-play. Also feel free to join the conversation and provide your own input.

- RIM seems to be pushing the idea that they are still growing by listing dozens of international carriers now carrying the Blackberry devices.

- BIS consumers at 27%, RIMM expects to grow this segment. Thanks to their push in the prosumer market.

- 100,000 BES installs worldwide.

- Now listing a whole bunch of 3rd party software to emphasize that they aren’t just about email, Financial Times and Reuters news, WorldMate, various API support from RIM, etc.

- Plug for WES Conference, make sure to attend in early May.

- 50 Blackberry Connect phones. Seems a bit low to me but RIM would never admit that.

- 3.04 billion dollars for the fiscal year.

- handheld factors 73% of RIM revenue.

- RIM selling about 2 devices per subscriber, find that Blackberry users tend to upgrade and stick with a Blackberry brand.

- Revenue from software and services higher than expected, reason why hardware is factoring for less than the overall percentage of RIM’s revenue.

That’s it for me, there’s only so much financial jargon that I can take. If I missed any points that you have deemed important please feel free to post.

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