RIM’s Q4 earnings are here! Almost…

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T-Minus a few hours until RIM releases its earnings report. And judging from today’s record opening price, you can safely assume that most investors are pretty confident in the future of RIM. Forget the stock option scandal, the threat of the Apple iPhone, or even a possible resurrection of Palm, RIM is flying high.

Like we told you earlier today, analysts polled by Thomson Financial expect RIM to post revenue of $933.2 million, up 66% from the year before, and earnings of 99 cents a share. Piper Jaffray is another firm high on RIMM, which earlier raised their price target from $136 to $147.

Check back with BBCool later today for market reaction to RIM’s earning report after the closing bell, as well as our take on their conference call to investors. Until then, post a comment and let us know your predictions for RIM’s Q4 results.

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