North American Carrier CAPEX nears $70B

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Now that’s a lot of money. Not as much as it cost to hook up every member of the BBCool staff with their own personal Rolls Royce Phantom limo with driver, but still a lot of money.

Our palls at Infonetics Research are saying that North American carriers’ capital expenditures totaled $68.6 billion in 2006, up 8% from 2005, and are projected to increase 12% to $76.7 billion in 2010. Who are the biggest culprits in this spending spree? Well, AT&T, Sprint Nextel, and Verizon together will make up 61% of total public service provider capex in North America in 2007. They better make sure they keep their receipt.

More stats on the bucketloads of money being spent by the telecoms after the jump.

- Over the 5-year period from 2006 to 2010, North American service providers will spend a cumulative $369.6 billion on capital expenditures

- The combined revenue of all public North American carriers inched up 3% in 2006 to $403 billion

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