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I love the fact that RIM has opened up to the consumer/prosumer market. It has brought in a lot of new features that enterprise users could care less about like a video player, full mp3 support, polyphonic ringtones, camera, and the ability to download customized themes.

We first saw the ability to change themes in OS 4.0 with the 7100t. It was a big jump from just being able to change the background image of your home screen. From there on, it didn’t take long for the blackberry community to come out with a wide range of custom styles, ranging from the really bad to the very poor.

So the following list are my top 5 favorite themes and good places to find them so you don’t have to waste your time weeding through the garbage. This list pertains to only 8100 themes, so it may not be available if you’re using another device.

#1 BB Dimensions Today Plus

This theme is hot, RIM totally ripped off the idea from BBToday but I’m not complaining. It’s great because it puts the three most important programs as the main screen and then displays any new items below that. For example, if you have a new email it will not only show that you have 1 new email but will show the sender and part of the subject line.

For this theme you can go to to download OTA.

#2 Wii

From the man of 3rd party themes, who we could have just easily filled up this list with his themes but we can’t let him hog all the spotlight. So I decided to pick my favorite theme out of his collection which is the Nintendo Wii.

#3 Bplay Reflex

Yes they are a sponsor but that’s not the reason why they are on the list. These guys make quality stuff and are the premier leader for commercial themes. My only grip with the Reflex theme is that it uses a monochrome color palette so 3rd party software colorful icons sort of ruin the look. An easy fix is just to move all the icons to the bottom.

You can purchase the theme at, it’s only like $2-$3.

#4 OSX Zen II

The OSX Zen II is my favorite out of all the Apple clones (ripoffs). It’s pretty easy to see, this thing is slick and being a Mac fanboy I can now proudly show that I’m still a cool Apple user on my Blackberry.

You can find this on PINStack in their theme download section.

#5 Bubbles

This Bubbles themes comes from a relatively new comer that I really have heard of before. Regardless, it’s always good to see new blood come into the theme fray and raise the bar even higher.

To download just go to on your Blackberry.

  • the know.
    No offense but NOT impressed...the sapphire zen theme is the best so far for the 8100..any who haven't seen it I suggest all look it can find it at,your welcome.
  • mohammed
    thank you
  • jbt
    Where can I get the Vodaphone Today theme?
  • krad
    Honored i was in your top 5 list.

    If you like the 1st theme, i highly suggest you load the vodafone today theme. It happens to be my favorite and displays..
    Call Log
    Text/Media Messages

    all on the main screen! That is the one I use.
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