Who’s not buying Palm: The Dell Edition

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Welcome to our 40th installment of what seems to be a weekly feature here at BlackBerry Cool: debating who will eventually (if ever) buy struggling smartphone maker Palm. The most recent culprit? It seems as though Dell has been thrust into the rumor spotlight due to their recent decision to no longer sell their Axim handheld computer. However, most analysts are poo-pooing this idea, simply because Dell is in the midst of its own restructuring.

“Dell has its hands full with its current problems,” said Shebly Seyrafi, an analyst at Caris & Company, which initiated coverage of Dell Thursday with a above average rating. “Dell is focused on right sizing the ship versus undertaking an acquisition like this.”

There’s an article here further explaining why Dell wouldn’t be interested in Palm, but it’s worth the read due to a fairly in-depth overview of Palm’s current financial situation.

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