WICKSoft releases PocketVPN for the BlackBerry


PocketVPNWicksoft has released PocketVPN which allows you to remotely access files, view documents, and process e-mail attachments. Their press release claims it’s the first mobile enterprise remote file access solutions for the Blackberry which I find hard to believe, but I’ll take their word for it.

“Normally users have to store files on their BlackBerry in the form of e-mail attachments. Almost every BlackBerry user has emailed themself a file at some time or other just so they would hav access to it.” said Will Hickie, CEO of WICKSoft. “With PocketVPN you can leave your files where they belong– in the office. PocketVPN lets you send and manage your files from just about anywhere. You always get access to the most up-to-date information too, because you’re not duplicating files anymore.

“It’s more than just file access. PocketVPN can convert documents into a mobile format in real time. Just click View, and seconds later you’re reading the document. It also lets you attach files to e-mail messages, and manage them in the same way you would as if you were in the office.”

You can learn more about their program and download a 30-day trial on their website: