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ThoughtPiece: The BlackBerry Beat



Whew, what a busy time in the BlackBerry world! It’s enough to make even the most diligent blogger want to hide under their desk, disconnect from the Matrix and receive sporadic news updates through this wonderfully new contraption we’ve heard about called the “newspaper” (it comes on paper!).

To help us sort through the mess, we brought in our mobile main man Thought, who breaks down the biggest news of the past week or so into tasty bite-sized chunks.

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RIM, Apple attacking different markets… unless they’re not



It’s always interesting when financial analysts move out of their comfort zone (“Buy? Sell?”) and start predicting the future. In this case, Seeking Alpha’s Sramana Mitra jumps head-first into that oh so sexy topic of BlackBerry vs. iPhone, but maybe should have looked before she leaped.

Now, it’s one thing to say that the BlackBerry and iPhone cater to two different markets (in fact, this statement has a lot of support from people in the know). However, muddling transitioning your argument to then say that Apple’s consumer-friendly device is actually a laptop replacement that could become the uber-converged device enterprise users secretly want begs the question: is the iPhone a direct competitor to BlackBerry?

Of course, we recommend reading the article and formulating your own opinion, dear readers, but we can at least say that Dell probably won’t be buying RIM any time soon (ahem).

Destiny announces Digital Pen & Paper for BlackBerry



While the very mention of “writing things down” might inspire a pang of indignation in the hard-thumbed BlackBerry fanboy, we’re getting a bit of that functionality through Destiny Wireless’ Digital Pen and Paper solution, which now features BlackBerry support. They’ve developed a nifty stylus that has a camera built-in to look at the page while you write, and sends coordinates of pen strokes via Bluetooth to your BlackBerry.

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BlackBerry 8830 launches May 14th


BlackBerry 8830We all love new toys, and now there’s one more out there that most of us can’t afford. It’s official: the BlackBerry 8830’s release date has been set at May 14th for enterprise users and May 28th for the hoi polloi.

The device itself isn’t sporting anything especially groundbreaking in comparision to its sister the 8800, but it’s the network service that is really going to bring the wallets out. Roaming, ladies and germs – 3G CDMA and 900/1800 MHz GSM networks will both be accessible to the 8830. While this is a must-have feature for any well-to-do, globe-trotting corporate type, the rest of us don’t have much use for the BlackBerry 8830, but $299.99 after a $100 rebate sounds like a pretty good deal. Local and international data rates after the jump.

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Hump Day Pr0n: BlackBerry 8800



It’s a sad day when hi-res shots of the latest BlackBerry device constitute mid-week titillation, but that’s just the kind of lechery that goes on at BBCool HQ. Boy Genius, our mainest of the main men has a collection of illicit pictures here for your perusal; the first 30 minutes are $100 and $20 for every half hour after that and please remember that there’s no touching in the champagne room.

Cognos, RIM talk tech


CognosHot off the wire is news that tomorrow, April 25th, RIM and business intelligence and corporate software solutions provider Cognos are hosting a joint webcast at 12pm EDT (5pm GDT, 6pm CET). The topic? How to enable users with critical business intelligence on their BlackBerry via Cognos 8 BI and the Go! Mobile solution. The webcast sounds technical and sexy, both of which are fan favorites at the BBCool office.

Those interested can go here to sign up. Participants will also get to see a live demo of Go! Mobile.