When texting is superior

I suppose I’m one of the few members of Generation Y that still doesn’t get the concept of texting. At least, the kind of texting that teenagers do. But on the grown up side of things, there’s times when texting is the superior form of communication. That is, according to StarBulletin.com.

The article talks about texting to others during presentations - that just sounds disrespectful. Almost as disrespectful as sending a text as opposed to talking with your subject.

Texting can also be much more prudent than conducting cell phone calls in public, especially for those people afflicted with “cell yell.” Communicating with colleagues while you are in a hotel lobby, coffee shop, or airport can be much more private than sharing confidential information over the phone, especially when the connection is less than stellar.

I have my own version of the “cell yell” that involves me screaming at anyone using their device in the aforementioned places. It’s usually followed with something or someone being stuck into a trash bin.

One final word of caution. While the use of “text speak,” or abbreviations such as “k” for “OK,” or “u” for “you” is considered appropriate for business-related texting, be careful not to let such mannerisms creep into other forms of communication. This is true even for email. Using text speak in such situations tends to portray a less than respectable image.

Abbreviations are accepted? Can’t wait to see this text on my screen: “Annual reportz due Friday. LOLZ!” You’ll be able to hear my eyes roll.

3 Responses to “When texting is superior”

  1. 1 jason

    I find it easier to TXT when we are meeting for drinks, and a large group of people is involved. Type on message “Thirsty? 6pm” and forward it to everyone.
    I also ride on fairly loud trains some days, so it’s hard to hold a conversation. So I txt back and forth with my wife in those situations, it’s easier than not hear what she’s saying.
    I still refuse to use ‘txt speak’ though, i always end up typing out the all the words. . .

  2. 2 Aaron

    Texting removes any blahs like, “hi” or “hello”.

    You can use it to get to the point really quick.

    ps ur dmpd

  3. 3 Jason