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More goods on the BlackBerry 8300/Curve from “RogersDude69″. This time, it’s about the new music player.

The first thing you’ll notice about the 8300’s media player is the interface improvements over its Pearl/8800 counterparts. First off, it no longer looks like a Windows 3.1 File Manager tree, but something you could see on an iPod or other type of music player. The functionality has also greatly increased, allowing you to view all songs alphabetically, or by artist, album and genre. You also can now shuffle you song list and have a search field to find specific songs/bands. There are still no EQ options, but honestly, that might be too much to expect from a BlackBerry that only features music as a secondary function.

I can’t stress enough how important the 3.5 mm headphone jack is. I originally had gotten a Pearl through Rogers, but eventually got rid of it because I really wanted to use it as a music player, and the lack of support for a standard headphone jack was brutal. Now, with true headphone and MicroSD support, you really don’t need to be carrying around an iPod anymore.

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13 Responses to “8300 Media Player — Music”

  1. 1 Mike

    Nice screen shots, thanks. So, how is the sound quality compared to the iPod using the iPod headphones?

    Is it as clean sounding as your iPod? High frequencies biting or sharp… or clean like the iPod? How’s the bass compare?

  2. 2 todd

    fyi…you can shuffle songs on the pearl….go to the help on the pearl and look up media and you will find the instructions

  3. 3 Ben

    Does the media player recognize ID3 tags? such as iTunes and if I were to load the mp3 in via the mp3 player would it recognize the artist/title/album/cover art etc…?

  4. 4 Aaron


    The media player on the Pearl recognizes ID3 tags, and even album art.

    I’ll guarentee that the new media player does as well.

    I’m curious as what bitrates it will playback. I know some motorola java mp3 players on some phones can’t do higher than 192 kbps and can’t do songs longer than 8 minutes.

  5. 5 sanjay agarwal


  6. 6 Allen Light

    You can fast forward by placing clicking the ball randomly until the progress bar goes from ‘white’ to ‘blue’. It’s VERY cluncky if you asked me.

    I like to transcode TV shows and load them up on my media card. I would LOVE it if someone could hack this player to do the ‘30 second skip’ forward function with a keystroke and ‘5 second skip’ backward key.

  7. 7 Emily L

    I could not get it the Media Manager on my desktop to accept M4p files. It only accepted Mp3 files. Anyone else run into this and know why?


  8. 8 Alana

    M4p files are protected so your Media Manager won’t let it upload. It’s annoying. You have to burn a CD and then rip it back in to Itunes. It will covert to a m4a file format, which your Media Manager will accept.

  9. 9 curt

    to fast forward a movie you should start movie
    scroll ball up until pause bar disappears
    press ball and scroll forward or backwards
    press ball to mark
    scroll ball down and press to play
    good luck

  10. 10 curt

    I would like to know if an aftermarket headphone adapter can be purchased for use with the blackberry 8830, I found one at radio shack and it wont work.

  11. 11 bill

    The player described on the 8300 does not allow for the creation of playlists. All the tunes will go into one large list. Does anyone know of an mp3 player program for the Blackberry that has both a search function and a playlist creator?

  12. 12 Robert

    i have this on my 8120 and it is the worst player i have ever had. it makes no sense no track forward or backward without having to access the full menu and you cant attach all your songs to a playlist you have to do them individualy and you cant tunr the sound boost off. worst player ever

  13. 13 par

    Can some one tell me how to play online music in this player thanks

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