Rogers to carry 8300 by June, many break into Happy Dance


logo_rogers.gifRIM has slated Rogers to carry the BlackBerry Curve by June, according to a press release today. Vodafone and O2 have followed suit, as well. While it’s great that we’re finding out that the Curve is, indeed, on the way, leaving the actual release a month after the announcement seems like a while. Maybe they were planning a later announcement? No word on pricing yet, but I’m sure it won’t take long. It looks like they’re really pushing this as their hybrid model.

“Rogers’ customers will appreciate the flexibility and convenience offered by the new BlackBerry Curve in both their personal and professional lives.”

If you take the 8800 as their primary business model, and the Pearl as their big consumer model, slap the 8300 in between, that’s one solid spectrum of products to appeal to a lot of different people. With that kind of versatility, I don’t blame RIM for being so confident vs. the iPhone.