Analyst Day ramps up to WES


RIM’s Capital Markets Day is ongoing, available via live webcast. A lot of what they’re talking about is reiterating what was said during their year-end conference call, including being really enthusiastic about the international market. Unerring optimism is pretty consistent during these things, embodied by the mantra “up and to the right” in this particular press event. WiFi’s gotten a nod, and it sounds like RIM’s working on soft hand-off technology between WiFi and cellular networks, not unlike T-Mobile’s Seattle experiment.

When confronted with a question about increasing profits, RIM cemented their stance that their primary concern is in creating quality products, and leaves the selling to the carriers. As dismissive as that might sound, it’s a model that seems to be working so far. The webcast is running until 5:00 PM, so more to come.