BlackBerry Cool at WES 2007: Random Thoughts (updated)


Hey guys. I wasn’t able to do an intro post to WES last night (late arrival + drinks = nap time), so I thought I’d hit you up with some random thoughts right now before the showfloor opens up again.

Number the First: WES 2007 is much more hopping than last year. I’m told that there are over 3000 people here this week and it really feels like it. Importantly, half those people aren’t RIM employees, which makes a big difference. The solutions showcase also has about double the companies compared to last year, with a bigger focus on prosumer stuff (more on this later). All in all, pretty impressive.

Number the Second: On the flight here, and about 20 minutes into being at the show, I saw about 10 BlackBerry 8300s, which shows how palatable the device is to people (esp. considering it’s not even out yet). Talking to one Curve user, I was told that the real reason that RIM had a rushed announcement for the device right before the show is that too many people wanted to use the device at WES without getting in trouble. Sounds like soon we’ll be seeing tee shirts that say “My other BB is an 8300.”

Number the Third: Like I said while live-blogging, I heard strong rumors last night that Mikey L was too sick to keynote, but my man came through anyways. However, did anyone else notice that during pauses in the keynote where he didn’t have to talk (like when RIM played about 18 video clips of CEOs talking about how great BlackBerrys are), he kinda looked like he was gonna keel over? It takes some serious brass BlackBerrys to deliver an opening keynote in front of so many people when you’re not feeling up to it.

Number the Fourth: The Yahoo party last night was beyond lame. Very disappointing. Makes me wonder what a Google party would have been like. Zing. I hope Belushi takes care of business tonight.

Number the Fifth: What’s up with so many companies giving away Nintendo Wiis at the show? Even our fine friends over at Idokorro Mobile are getting in on the action. Word to Idokorro: I want one.

Number the Sixth: It’s no surprise that GPS and LBS are making a splash at WES this year. What’s actually surprising is how much attention RIM is paying towards voice services. You would think that their near-perfect email service would almost eliminate the need for land-lines. I guess they have to work on something to keep the enterprise people happy…

Number the Sixth Bonus Point: Having thought more about Mikey’s keynote, it’s very telling about what RIM’s focus is. While they gave a moderate amount of lip service about the future of BlackBerrys and a prosumer focus, they pretty much breezed right past games and multimedia features. While this is very much an enterprise show, you would expect them to have more, especially with the 8300 so nascent.

Maybe it’s time to spin off a RIM consumer track to WES, or even make it its own show…

That’s all for now.

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  1. 1 Aaron

    I’m very surprised at how well they kept the secret of the 8300 device.

    I mean, as soon as they announced it, (within a half-hour) 10 mobile sites on the internet had reviews up, including a video on CNET.

    Now, that’s loyality.

  2. 2 peter

    Out of curiousity and as someone who’s Canadian wireless contract is about to expire, what carrier does RIM corporate use for its employees?
    Telus, Bell, Rogers, etc?


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