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tinywes.jpg Doug continued to give us the scoop straight from the WES floor, following Mikey’s intro. Be sure to check out our photo album for on-the-scene shots. Panel member run-down and discussion behind the jump.

So what is beyond email? As a platform provider, generating an ecosystem to foster applications and services. Wow, once again he’s talking about voice. I have to tell you folks, this is a pretty big surprise to me.

Next up, Sami Muneer, director of solutions marketing at SAP.

He’s talking about what enterprise solutions means: how can employees get acess to the network at a low cost. “Simple problem, hard to solve.”

Right now Sami’s talking and I feel like it’s enterprise for dummies. Kind of interesting, but he’s not really saying anything anyone here doesn’t already know (hopefully).

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    That word sparks flames of murder in my eyes.
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