Opening panel coverage


Jeff’s starting of the panel with the question of how we moved in 5 years from laborous devices to easy to use, ubiquitous technology.

Sami: better networks, better devices, but mostly an increase in demand. The backends just weren’t designed to handle this in the past; mobile enterprise still isn’t easy, however, just easier.

HP: 16% of Telenav’s users come via word of mouth. Increase in demand as the technology evolved – size matters.

Joe: before 2006, all support calls were based around simple technical problems – I can’t connect, I don’t know how to use a browser. Know, the questions are more about taking advantage of the solution.

Interesting, joe’s saying that in the past, one of the problems was with offering partial solutions – ie, I can find when a movie is playing, but I can’t buy a ticket. The ability to offer full solutions changed everything.

Joe’s making good points: the keypad matters! If the user has to type in an alphanumeric code via triple tap, they’re gonna go nuts! Also, synergy with the web – it allows them to work with something they already know.

The panel is starting to drag, and the vast majority of the audience has left for meetings or a much need little, but BBCool will remain strong (and hungover) in the hopes that a nugget of wisdom will drop still.

Question: what’s the next killer app?

HP says GPS. Duh.

Joe’s all about the synergy.

Nigel’s also backing GPS (maybe a courtesy), but he just referred to his previous statements about voice and killing the desktop phone.

From the enterprise world? Sami says simplification!

  • Aaron


    That word sparks flames of murder in my eyes.

  • Aaron


    That word sparks flames of murder in my eyes.