ThoughtPiece: BlackBerry Users Have More Fun


In honor of those having all the fun at WES this week, and knowing that any serious article would be overwhelmed by all of the coverage from WES, I thought I’d offer up a more lighthearted column. So in that spirit I offer up 3 reasons why BlackBerry users have more fun:

1) BlackBerry users are better connected. Building and maintaining relationships of all types is a foundation of life, and the BlackBerry is one more great tool to facilitate that function.

2) BlackBerry users generally make more money. The BlackBerry is a great business productivity tool, and greater productivity equates to more money. Now some will say that money can’t buy you happiness, but as the old saying goes, it sure can comfort you in your misery.

3) BlackBerry users can live life more untethered. Thanks to the BlackBerry, people can more easily leave their offices and work in the mountains, on a ski trip, or like our very own Doug, go down to sunny Orlando and still maintain his responsibilities for this website. The BlackBerry can mean more freedom to work where you want.

So, thoughtful readers, you may now get back to all of the great developments at WES and enjoy the coverage here on BBCool. And remember: use that BlackBerry to get more out of life!