BlackBerry meets iPhone. Maybe.



Swiss designaholic Zenum had fed the public some shiny renders awhile back, but is apparently not just talk. Well, they might be full of it, we’ll see, but they’re saying the Zenum Opus is on schedule for this spring, which is… now. Hrm. It’s supposedly coming this month. If you’re looking to have BlackBerry QWERTYliciousness plus lots of Windows support with steely iPhone style and pricetag (€800 before subsidies), this might be available soon. Maybe. 3G version next year? Maybe?

Also, there might be some specs behind the jump. But we’re not sure. It all depends if the damn thing exists or not.

Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC (note: Zenum site says 5.0, Unwired says 6.0… make of it what you will… -ed.)
QWERTY Bar type
GPRS class 10~EDGE
Flash Rom 128 MB ~RAM 64~ miniSD 1GB
2 Mega-Pixel Camera – Digital Zoom
2.5″ TFT LCD display with touch Panel
Bluetooth ~ Wi-Fi b/g ~IrDA
Minni USB Connector
Dimensions (nmm): ~121x66x14