Jibi Jabber: Best of WES 2007


Jibi Jabber

While we’ll have our own up soon, BlackBerry Forums stud Jibi has emailed us his thoughts about the best thing he saw at WES. Unsurprisingly, Jibi shows his IT Admin true colors and raps about BES 5.0. Check it out, but by no means believe anything he says.

I personally feel the announcement of BES 5.0 was pretty huge, but perhaps it’s slip from a tentative scheduled release from 6 months ago (Nov 2006) to 6 months from now (Nov 2007) to a more firm date of one year from now (May 2008) was perhaps the biggest news from WES. While I love all that has become BES 5.0, I am somewhat disappointed that it’s being delayed this long; afterall, the administrators need their toys, too. If RIM’s track record holds true, as was discussed after the BBC/MCA podcast on Wednesday afternoon, I don’t think we’ll see BES 5.0 being released before (or during) WES 2008, as is being planned (and bet your bottom dollar that someone’s head will roll if they don’t meet that date).

I’m not sure if they had already started on what was to become BES 5.0 and opted to release it as service packs for BES 4.1 in favor of completely redesigning the entire platform and management interface (as can be seen with a lot of features said to have been planned for BES 5.0, such as the inclusion of monitoring, wireless upgrades, HTML email support, etc., now finding their way in next month’s service pack release for BES 4.1), or if it has actually taken this long to develop the new 5.0 platform from scratch, but it’s being delayed.

In the end, if RIM does release the package on time, I doubt anyone will even dare to mention the 18 month delay on the drool-inducing early birthday present they’ll receive next Spring. But for now, however, I guess we can all have a nice chuckle in knowing that the word used in the codename for BES 5.0, Argon, is derived from the Greek word argus, meaning “the lazy one”.