Ten times 3G usage in the next four years



By 2011, iGR says 3G’s growth will be akin to Bruce Banner turning into The Hulk.

The model suggests that in 2006, all categories of users (light, medium, heavy) sent and received more than 0.73 terabytes (TB) per month of data over the radio link and backhaul network segments. … By 2011, iGR forecasts that number to increase to 6.94 TB.

Now, my math ain’t great, but I figure 3G x 10 = 30G = awesome. Throw in the fact CDMA2000 is lining up to be the new global standard for 3G technology, what with 251 operators across 105 countries using it, the next gen’s going to have unprecedented support and compatibility. But it’s still going to be a lot of traffic that carriers will have to deal with. If Wi-Fi can time their incoming upgrade to the new 802.11n standard and work well with cellular hand-off, then performance pressure could be relieved, thus increasing service reliability.

More countries, more bandwidth, more stability. Oh, what a brave new world we live in.