BlackBerry 8300 Bluetooth — Files, Pictures, & Stereo Headphones


BlackBerry Curve bluetooth

As part of BlackBerry Cool’s quest to bring our readers the most in-depth coverage of the latest BlackBerry devices, we commissioned infamous “RogersDude69” to breakdown the BlackBerry 8300’s Bluetooth functionality, which unlike most BlackBerrys, isn’t crippled more than a one-legged pirate with termites. Although, as RogersDude69 is quick to point out, the experience isn’t always the best.

The BlackBerry Curve is the first BlackBerry to include an open OBEX protocal, allowing you to send and receive files from other devices using Bluetooth, to use the device as a remote control for your home theater system, as well as the ability to use a stereo Bluetooth Headset. This is really starting to become the one device that does everything I need it to.

Let’s start by compairing the Bluetooth Profiles from the Pearl to the Curve.

BlackBerry Pearl BlueTooth profile

BlackBerry Curve Bluetooth profile

As you can see, there’s more services for the Curve. The Audio Source Services is definitely for the Stereo Bluetooth. The A/V Remote Control Target is for using your Curve as.. A Remote Control. This has the potential to be used for your Laptop and your Presentations, and to control your home theater system in your house or in your car.

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    Frances i dont know if you have figured out till now or not, but you can recieve files by going to media and then selecting recieve files option.

    hope it helps.