BlackBerry 8300 Bluetooth — Files, Pictures, & Stereo Headphones


Finally, let’s try out the Stereo Bluetooth Headset. I’m using a Motorola HT820 headset.

BlackBerry Curve Bluetooth Headphones

Pairing was pretty easy, once I figured out how to turn the Headset into Pairing mode. Then I just had to turn it on, and press play.

However, the experience wasn’t the best. Compared to regular iPod headphones, the HT820s gave of a very swishy sound, like you could hear the distance or interference between the headset and my Curve. Also, I was able to uncover a bug in the pairing: if you attempt to fast-forward a song while it’s playing, your headset will become unpaired. This is easily fixed by pausing, then un-pausing the song, but is still kind of lame. For now, I’d recommend sticking to cabled headsets.

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    Frances i dont know if you have figured out till now or not, but you can recieve files by going to media and then selecting recieve files option.

    hope it helps.