Bush to block BlackBerry, cellphone use in Australia


Fresh off the wire is news that everyone’s favorite President, John F. Kennedy George Bush will be bringing his pro-freedom, anti-terrorist anti-technology platform to Sydney, Australia this September.

Wait a minute, anti-technology? Well, it seems that Secret Security will utilize a sophisticated counter-terrorism measure to prevent mobile phone detonated remote-control bombs during the President’s stay. A helicopter fitted with signal-jamming equipment will shadow the President’s motorcade, the net result of which will be no BlackBerry or mobile usage within an area the size of a football field.

While it is known that cell phones have been used before as timers in terrorist bombings, there is no such evidence as of yet for remote detonation by mobile phone. Question of the day, folks: is this a legitimate security concern, or just a bad day to be a BlackBerry user in Sydney?

6 Responses to “Bush to block BlackBerry, cellphone use in Australia”

  1. 1 happiicamper

    I think it is good!!! He is our president!!!
    …and in the times we live in, one can never be too careful!!! Especially for the Office of the President.

  2. 2 Darien

    What right minded terrorist would hit Bush… with Cheney waiting in the wings?

  3. 3 SaneInSF

    Do you have to wait to see it happen before you try to stop it? That really worked for 9/11.

  4. 4 Blackberry Cool

    This can never go well, talking about politics on a tech blog.

    With that being said, Ron Paul for 2008!

  5. 5 Treponema

    What do you think the jack asses are using to detonate the road side bombs in Iraq? They have found several unexploded IEDs that were wired to cell phones that were set to go off when they were called. This is definitely nothing new in the realm of terrorism.

  6. 6 Vishy

    Ok, here you go. Twin bomb blast in India using remote controlled mobile phone -


    This has been long known that mobile phones can be used as remote control for bombs. Wonder how u didn’t know!

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