RIM quietly nabs property


The rumor we heard a few days ago of RIM buying property from Cisco right here in Ottawa didn’t become interesting until we saw today that RIM bought a hefty 25.7 acres in Cambridge from a housing corporation for $3.7 million. Cambridge is primarily a production industry city, and it’s left to good reason that the land there will likely turn into a BlackBerry production facility. As is, getting enough devices to suppliers has apparently been an issue, and once the facility is up and running, the issue will likely be alleviated.

Cisco has a sizable chunk of land in the west end of Ottawa, right in the heart of Kanata’s tech park. It’s long been known that RIM’s Kanata office is a little jammed, so the purchase may be to provide employees with the resources they need, but could also indicate plans for growth; if all of Cisco’s buildings are going, that’s a lot of new vacant space for RIM to fill.

Regardless, all these tidbits of news simply indicate that RIM’s physical growth is starting to reflect that of their BlackBerry users. Don’t be surprised if BBCool has some RIM neighbors in downtown Ottawa sometime soon. Hey, RIM, if you ever need a cup of sugar, you know where you can get it.