China shows 3G flexibility


Initially dead-set on their home-grown TD-SCDMA, China’s Ministry of Information Industry has loosened up a bit and allowed the European W-CDMA and American CDMA2000 formats to be used throughout the country. In a notably capitalistic way, this presence of alternative formats will push TD-SCDMA to an international level of competitiveness. While CDMA2000 is looking to be a bit of a powerhouse, China will still be limiting the number of 3G licenses it allows. As for why they’ve changed their stance, not only is China cranking out half of the world’s cell phones, but they’re no doubt trying to make sure there’s plenty of 3G available for the Olympics coming up in August. It’s obviously in their best interest to not only support the very phones they’re making, but also their users who will be visiting during the games.