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Maybe you spend your public commute in the morning chewing through e-mail spam so you don’t have to deal with it once you’re in the office. Maybe you spend it playing some game. Maybe you’re getting a head-start on the day’s news. But maybe every once in awhile you glance sidelong to some other person on the bus, and they’re reading a book. And you can’t help but think to yourself “Damn, I should be reading something. It’s the clever, cultured thing to do.” Of course, that’s what I think - being an English major loads you down with shame the nanosecond you aren’t reading something. Sure, Bookworm can stem the perverse dual desires of wordiness and BlackBerry-fiddling, but when it comes down to getting your literature fix, nothing beats a book. Well, except maybe a book on a BlackBerry.

DailyLit has, with a fine butcher’s skill, chopped up some of the greatest public domain pieces of literature, and are offering daily doses to your e-mail while they’re testing the service. Sure, it might take a hell of a lot longer to get through a book, but five minutes of reading per day is way better than no minutes, as anyone who’s played Brain Age will tell you. Eventually it will become a pay service, so you might want to check this out before then.

  • Kevin
    Try the free library at Baen books if you like sci fi or fantasy. You can download and install the mobi reader for free and download the whole book to read whenever you want.
  • Kareem Clayborne
    How do I get free books on my blackberry?
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