Opus magically materializes


Zenum’s Opus hocus-pocus has resulted in a very real device in the hands of CNET. For some reason, it’s packing a miniSD slot. Why not micro? On top of that, it’s got the 2.5mm headphone jack. Really now, the Curve’s 3.5mm jack should be setting the standard from here on in. Being able to keep your old headphones is a huge pull for consumers remotely interested in music functions, although the slew of Microsoft compatibility might be gearing this one more for the enterprise crowd (and the pricetag would agree). The 2.0 mpx camera has a sliding cover on it, which looks like more of a hassle than anything else, but, once again, could save corporate folks problems of having to leave their phone at the conference room door, just because it’s got a camera in it. Slip the cover up, nobody knows it’s even there. I gotta say, though, that touchscreen AND QWERTY in the same bundle is pretty smooth, however cramped the keypad supposedly is. CNET seems pretty happy with the package.

“Overall we’re quite impressed with this offering from such a small company and our only niggle is the lack of quad-band GSM connectivity and 3G — but this, we’re assured by the people at Zenum, is coming in future models.”

Aside from the OS change to Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional, the specs remain as announced. They’re looking at a September release, costing… £481. Ouch.