Virtual BlackBerry for Windows Mobile


BlackBerry OS on Windows Mobile?

As we learned a few weeks ago, Research In Motion plans to release a
virtual BlackBerry OS for Windows Mobile devices. Well, with the release of BlackBerry Desktop Media Manager 4.2 SP2, it would appear that we have a bit more confirmation that this project is becoming a reality, if not already most of the way there.

Within the Device.xml file, you’ll find the following entries:



I can only assume these acronyms translate to Virtual BlackBerry (VBB), Windows Mobile (WM), GPRS (G) and UMTS (U). Needless to say, it’s nice to see this initiative, as controversial and confusing as it is, will be more than a simple press release to stir up chatter for either company. And what do you know, we’ll finally receive a UMTS-enabled BlackBerry in North America… well, sort of.