Vodafone sucks less


Taking it all the way to the bank It’s not exactly the same as doing well, but it’s a start. European carrier Vodafone cut their net losses attributed to equity shareholders today to £5.43 billion, versus last year’s £21.92 billion during the same time last year. They’re claiming the cuts are attributable to growth in Turkey and Africa, further emphasizing the importance of emerging markets. Vodafone’s total revenues are up 6% to £31.1 billion, and predict £33.3 to £34.1 billion for the next year. One of the bigger draws to Vodafone stock has been their dividends, which are up to 6.76p.

“There are few stocks in the FTSE 100 (apart from BT) which offer such attractive dividend growth coupled with a high yield,” [Seymour Pierce analyst Jim McCafferty] said, maintaining an outperform rating on the stock.

Vodafone isn’t the only carrier shelling out the pennies. Rogers is doing pretty awesome on the dividend front too, nailing the 50 cent annual dividend mark today, compared to 16 cents last year.