WiMAX grows 85% in 2007


With hands-on evidence of Wi-Fi powered BlackBerrys just now appearing, it might be a little hasty to be talking about WiMAX. However, recent reports from research firm Maravedis indicate that maybe we’re not too crazy. Maravedis states that increased global deployments of WiMAX has lead to an 85% spike in subscribers and a corresponding growth in service revenue.

For those of you not in the know, WiMAX is a 4Gish technology based upon the IEEE 802.16 standard, which should might take over the mobile world in the near future. Call us dreamers, but the BBCool staff simply drools over the thought of WiMAX BlackBerrys in two years time (or less).

  • 52% of the deployments still used proprietary equipment, 36% applied the 802.16-2004 standard, and 12% applied wave 1 802.16-2005 standard.
  • United States, Spain and Australia were the top 3 countries in number of subscribers. In Q1 2007, they accounted for 0.5 million BWA/WiMAX subscribers.
  • APAC accounted for 38% of deployments, Europe 33%, North America 17%, and CALA 13%.
  • WiMAX service revenues in 2006 totaled US$322 million, with recorded ARPUs of US$40.76 and US$145.54 for residential and business subscribers, respectively.
  • The split by subscriber type operators was 58% residential and 42% business.
  • APAC operators offer higher speeds compared to other regions, yet APAC has the lowest ARPU at US$30.45 for residential.
  • The price difference between WiMAX and DSL tends to be narrow, which tends to negate price as a factor for potential customers.